Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Things I Am Wanting

Keith told me last week he wanted to get me a pair of these and I thought he was talking about jeggings, you know the blue jeans that fit like leggings. But I was talking to his dad the other day while feeding the piggies and he said that he wanted to get a pair for his wife so I then knew that Keith wasn't making this up or confusing it with jeggings. So I came inside and looked them up and sure enough they exist except for they are $48 with shipping. HELLO, I don't even pay that much for a pair of real blue jeans more less some pajama pant blue jean look a likes. So Keith keeps saying order a pair but I just can't do it.
Would you spend that much for them?
Right now the weather in Georgia is cold or to me at least. Going in and out to get wood for the fireplace and feeding the animals which takes about 30 minutes is getting colder and more dreadful. So some coveralls would solve all those problems right? Well, I can only find them in camo, they would match Keith's coveralls and I might be willing to go hunting with him more if I had them in camo but I would really prefer a girlie color. You know to make me feel like a woman when I do my manly chores.
Do you know of somewhere to get good fitting coveralls in a girlie color?
These are so awesome. On the Ellen show last week they gave them away to the audience, how lucky they were. These would make my husband call me a true Grandma. Oh but they would be so warm and hey, they could even replace the coveralls if I can't find them in a girlie color. But there is another dilemma to these besides being a grandma...they are $39.99 and I am not sure about the shipping charges. Again to much to pay for a pair of pajama's.
So today I am showcasing some unique things I would like but am not willing to shell out any money for them. Isn't that what you get Christmas money for to buy what you want? Well, I am to stingy.

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