Saturday, January 1, 2011


Have you ever felt like your daily task were never going away? That everyday when you looked at the carpet it needed vacuumed? That your dusting was taking over your life? Well, do you do things on a certain day of the week or month? I do and it surely helps out.

Here is how I have my job duties scheduled out:

  • Mopping ~ 2nd Monday of each month
  • Sweeping ~ Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Vacuuming ~ Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Dusting ~ Every 2 weeks
  • Deep Clean the Bathrooms ~ Every 2 weeks
  • Cleaning the Windows ~ 3rd Monday of each month
  • Deep Clean the Master Bedroom ~ 1st Tuesday of each month
  • Deep Clean the Kitchen ~ 2nd Tuesday of each month
  • Wash Sheets ~ Every other Friday
  • Deep Clean the Refrigerator ~ Every 3 months
  • Deep Clean the Living Room ~ 4th Tuesday of each month

I have a check list of the task that need to be completed in each room for the deep clean days and the rest are pretty self explanatory. The duties are also done as needed in addition to the above. I will vacuum and sweep if we have company coming over if it is a different day than what is stated above.

My daily job duties are:

  • Feed the animals
  • Prepare meals
  • Wash dishes
  • Wash clothes
  • Pick up from the night before (shoes, cups, socks)
  • Make bed
  • Iron
  • Manage our finances
  • And last but not least make our home a haven for my husband after he has worked all day

I try to schedule my out of the house obligations on my not so busy days that way I can still complete the task at hand and not be overwhelmed.

Why am I sharing this with you? So that maybe it will help you to be a better manager of your time and stress level. So how do you go about your cleaning in your home? Do you have a routine like me or just whenever you get the feeling to do it?


Rachelle said...

Oh yes. I have to have a weekly list or I lose my way.
Mon-Laundry and bread for the week
Tues-finish laundry(for 6) clean rooms
Wed-deep clean the kitchen
Thursday- Grocery shopping, cleaning the fridge out.
Friday-do big cleaning like bathrooms, dusting, mopping, and windows.

I have daily tasks too such as cooking, dishes, tidying and caring for my 4 babies chickens and our dog!

Christy said...

Thank you for this information Angie! You always have the most insightful blog posts and I appreciate that! I constantly feel overwhelmed with trying to manage my responsibilities at home while working full time so i think this idea will be very helpful! Also, it gives me hope to know I'm not the only person who has to pick up socks and cups (after my husband) on a daily basis! LOL