Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Various Things

Here is a recycling station the I made three weekends ago. It is a lot easier to sort it out than putting it all in one container. We got the 30 gallon drums from a local cleaners for free. If you make one or have one similar I would love to see it.

Aubie waiting on me the other night to come to bed. It was only 7:30 but I decide to crawl into bed early and read some.

Some cute baby booties that I ordered off of Etsy from MoJo. My best friend from childhood, April is expecting and I could not resist getting these for her. We used to eat ramen noodle everyday after school.
My new washer and dryer that will be delivered Friday. Keith replaced the belt in the dryer in February and then Monday he came and got me out of my sewing room and said the washer was on fire. It was the belt burning but when he replaced that and it didn't work he agreed that I actually we could get a whole new set. It was like being in a candy store looking at all the great new options. Keith had his from his bachelor days and there wasn't even a delicate cycle. I am so excited!!!

The block that I made for Tara for the Bee Balm quilting bee I am apart of. I hope she likes it...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chickens Locked Out

Saturday we went to Auburn, Alabama to tailgate with close friends and watch Auburn play West Virginia. We left at 5:30 am Saturday and didn't get home until 2:45 am Sunday morning. With that said we didn't check the chickens when we got home. This morning or should I say very late morning (11:00 am) when I got up I went to check on them and they were locked out in the run. Come to find out the power was off for a good amount of time Saturday night and the timers for the coop door to open and close automatically was way off. So when I manually opened the door this was the scene in the nest bucket area within about 10 minutes of them being let back in. I heard 3 eggs hit the nest buckets and saw one.
Yes that is 2, I said 2 chickens in 1 five gallon bucket.

My sweet little Sasa, I love that little chicken.

Bonnie or Blondie (golden hen), we can't tell the two apart and a Rhode Island Red in another box. The RIR was done just trying to get out.

Some call it grouse I call it neat, a true fresh egg. It is still shiny because of the protective coating on it is wet.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday's Breakfast

We had French Toast with fresh eggs from my ladies and fresh Cantaloupe picked off the vine about 5 minutes before I cut it open. Sorry to brag but it was so neat going outside and coming back in and whipping up a meal.
I am not sure why this photo will not turn around. Sorry I uploaded it twice :(

Keith's Birthday

For Keith's birthday we went to Providence Canyon also called Little Grand Canyon. They have 9 canyons and you can walk the floor of them. Keith and I checked out 3 and then walked around the top of the canyons. It is nice but sadly it seems that it is getting overgrown by kudzu. Enjoy the pictures as we enjoyed the hike.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Friday, September 11, 2009

What A Look!

This is the look I got from the hubbie when he opened his birthday present from me last night. His glasses kinda give a glare so you can't see his eye but it was a "You Sneaky Woman" kinda look. He had no idea or so I think and every week since I started (May 2009) he has been asking when am I going to make him one. So he got one for his 29th birthday.

Thank you Daniel and Kevin for the help!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stone Mountain Park

A couple Saturday's ago my Mom, Keith, Aunt Margaret and me went to Stone Mountain Park to watch their laser light show. I grew up coming here every summer and maybe even two or three times a summer. My sister and I would also get to bring a friend. The mountain is stone hence the name and has a carving of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. It covers 583 acres and took right at 57 years to be constructed. They have a nice lawn that is probably 3 football fields long that is on a slightly sloped hill right in front of the carvings. Everyone one brings a bucket of chicken and a blanket to eat dinner and watch the laser light show. We got their around 5 pm which gave us plenty of time to find the right spot, read, play a couple games of Phase 10, eat dinner and even take a nap. Oh, and if you are a people watcher this is the place for you. I stayed at our blankets the whole time so I was people watching and I noticed that 4 people had quilts and when they laid them on the ground the pattern was always towards the ground. I am not sure if they were store bought or homemade but still weird if you ask me. Enjoy the pictures! Me reading.
The mountain at night.

Our setup and the museum in the background.
Me and Keith playing Phase 10.
My Aunt Margaret and Mom with the mountain behind them.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Pillowcase Dress Results

The dress is completed and probably took about 2 1/2 hours. It seems to long but I have to keep in mind that it was my first time making the dress and the directions were kinda homemade. Here is Savannah and her Auburn dress.Her and her daddy.
She was telling me to stop taking her picture but funny enough right after I got done taking it she wanted to see what it looked like.
The armpit area, I chickened out and made it square. I also didn't double fold it.
She finally stood still long enough for a good shot.
I wanted to take everyone for their nice words of encouragement on this post. When I read them they made me smile. Thank you!!!