Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crocheting A Mary Jane

Hi Ya'll!!

My dad brought me to this blog.  He said in the email that he liked the knitted slippers.  So I set out to get together with my friends that know more than one stitch.

This Friday I had three special friends over for a Girl's Steak Night.  We talked until midnight and didn't even know it was that late.

While all of this talking was going on my friend Chi Sun was crocheting a Mary Jane booties for me just like the one below.  She got all done but the bottom, which I hope will work out good because I would like to go to the craft store and see if they have a leather sole that we can sew on, to make it more of a indoor/outdoor winter house shoe.

 From the site that is mentioned above is these cute felted wool elf socks.  If only it was easy to find real wool in my next of the woods and if I knew how to knit these would be great, unique Christmas gifts.

One other thing that I like about the pictures is the patch on the pants it is a sew 'lumber' to cover the holes in the pants.  I think I have that exact fabric actually.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our New Kittens

On the 10th we got two new kitty's.  The black and white one is Oscar and the black one is Curtis.  We got them to stay outside but were smaller than we thought so they are inside for now.  We ae loving having them crawl all over us and cry when they want some loving.

Friday, July 15, 2011

West Virginia

Back in April or May (yes, I can't remember a 12 hour road trip) my sister and I took a road trip to visit our family in West Virginia.  When I was younger we used to call this God's Country of course it is all His but we were kids.  If you look at the pictures it is truly a master piece that only He could create.

 Juanita, Reggie, Myself and Amy

 Our seconds cousins family that we met in Virginia on the way home.

Juanita and Reggie

I can't wait to see them next year!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Quilt

Me and a couple dozen of other people are working on a baby quilt for someone who is having a baby.

 I have heard through the grape vine that they room might have owls in the room.  So I got to looking on the wild wild web yesterday and look at these great fabrics.

 The grandma to be is going to pick which one we use and then we will pull out solid colors that are pastel and on those blocks we will write sweet messages.

So what do you think?  I think these prints rock!!!

fabric images form

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach Eatin'

In the morning's Keith would get up early to go fish on the beach.  Most of the time he would be back for breakfast but this one morning we had a Breakfast Picnic on the beach.  It was yummy!

 (Anyone know how to get the pictures to display as they are saved?)
 They have this AWESOME restaurant called Hunt's Oyster Bar and we went twice.  Here are some pictures of us and me eating a raw oyster.

Fourth of July

This Fourth of July we were blessed to be able to stay at Keith's parents condo for the week in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Keith being a fireman and loving everything that has to do with fire LOVES fireworks.  We got the chance about 7 years ago to go to the beach for the fourth and he loved it.  Again this year we sat in our beach chairs and turned our head from left to right and back and forth to see all the beautiful things popping in the sky.  We sat on the beach for two hours and it was non stop.  We went to bed listening to them pop and go boom. 

Here are some that I was able to capture.