Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crocheting A Mary Jane

Hi Ya'll!!

My dad brought me to this blog.  He said in the email that he liked the knitted slippers.  So I set out to get together with my friends that know more than one stitch.

This Friday I had three special friends over for a Girl's Steak Night.  We talked until midnight and didn't even know it was that late.

While all of this talking was going on my friend Chi Sun was crocheting a Mary Jane booties for me just like the one below.  She got all done but the bottom, which I hope will work out good because I would like to go to the craft store and see if they have a leather sole that we can sew on, to make it more of a indoor/outdoor winter house shoe.

 From the site that is mentioned above is these cute felted wool elf socks.  If only it was easy to find real wool in my next of the woods and if I knew how to knit these would be great, unique Christmas gifts.

One other thing that I like about the pictures is the patch on the pants it is a sew 'lumber' to cover the holes in the pants.  I think I have that exact fabric actually.

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