Monday, January 3, 2011

Eat's of the Week ~ January 2, 2011

This was my view out the kitchen window New Year's Day, I was screaming like crazy. Keith was in the shower and thought the house was on fire and I accidentally hung up on my sister. I have seen a few but never this many turkeys at once in our yard more less in my life except in the grocery store cooler ready to be baked.


Cleaning out the food in the fridge


Taco Soup with all the fixings

Sour Cream, Cheese, Chives and Tortilla Chips


Pan Fried Tilapia (I am addicted to this, I eat it every time Keith is not home for a meal. I am sharing with him for this meal)

Roasted Veggies

Seasoned Rice





Baked Chicken w/ Veggies

Seasoned Rice


Spaghetti Pie


French Bread


I am going shopping in Atlanta, if I am not home in time to cook Keith will be eating leftover Spaghetti Pie.

Oh, and here is a clip of Rebecca Jarvis in that cute purple dress. Which I am still awaiting feedback from The Early Show about the dress details. Hopefully they will respond to my email. Watch it and tell me it is a cute dress, please. I love it!!!

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Christy said...

Love that purple dress she was wearing! I actually liked it better than any of the "fashion" trends for 2011 they showed us! lol