Friday, January 28, 2011

My Grandma's 80th Birthday

Last Saturday we celebrated my paternal grandmother, Anneliese Grete Kunzel Feaster's 80th birthday party. She was born January 26, 1931 in Selb, Germany. She is the mother of seven children, five boys and two girls. She was married to a great military man who has passed away. It is said that she is the best donut maker and can knit a mean baby sweater. Every week I take her to the doctor and I will share a few tid bits I have learned about this great women over these doctor appointments:
  • She used to chop firewood daily to keep the fire going
  • She has washed and ironed sheets to make ends meet when her husband was deployed and the kids were young
  • Though she has lived in the USA for more than 50 years, people still have a hard time understanding her strong German
  • She values a candle that when burned has the best apple smell and she will pay any price for it
  • She doesn't do pictures
  • She is feisty in her old age
  • When she says vegetable it comes out 'veg table', which is what I call my garden area in honor of her

This was the table decorations that I did for her party. Each picture triangle had three different pictures of Grandma in them. It was neat watching people walk from table to table looking at all the different photos.

Me, Amy, Tiffany and Jason
(he is our cousin and Tiffany is his wife but we would claim her anyway)

Everyone chowing down!

Grandma's cake! I ordered it from Sam's and it was very good and the most affordable out of Wal-Mart and Publix.

Amy, our Dad and Me

Amy, our Mom and Me

Amy, Grandma and Me

Here is the whole group minus two people.

It was a great time and we had good food. My second cousins Sue and Denny came from West Virginia (12 hour drive), my Aunt Ann and her husband came from North Carolina (6 hour drive) and then my cousin Brittany and her boyfriend came from Florida (4 hour drive). Grandma you are well loved by many!!!

P.S. Amy is my sister, three years my senior.

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