Thursday, January 20, 2011

Party Games

I will be hosting a Free Flavors Friday Bistro Party soon and...
when hosting a party you want your guest to have fun and whether they know each other or not. Ice breaker's are always fun. I have found some great games to get everyone talking and interacting. Some of these games can be played with one player but to spice things up see what team can complete the task first.

Chocolate Unicorn
Players Needed:

Things Needed:
7 Chocolate Snack Cakes

1. Player may begin using 1 hand to stack snack cakes 1 at a time on the forehead.2. If a cake or cakes fall, player may use the same hand to restack them.3. To complete the game, player must stack 7 snack cakes 1 atop the other on the forehead within the 60-second time limit so the freestanding structure stays that way for 3 seconds.
A Bit Dicey
Players Needed:

Things Needed:
1 Popsicle Stick
6 Dice

1.Player places a popsicle stick in there mouth.
2) When the clock starts, player will pick up and vertically stack one die at a time on the stick.
3) Player may not allow dice to rest against their nose or to touch any part of their face.
4) In the event that a die is dropped or falls off of the stick, player may take a replacement die off of the podium and use it in its place.
5) To complete the game, 6 dice must be stacked one on top of the other on the popsicle stick within the 60-second time limit

(my mom and I playing a bit dicey)

Iron Board Man
Player Needed:

Things Needed:
Ironing Board

1. Players should stand on either end of the ironing board.
2) Once the clock starts, players may place their hands on the sides of the ironing board behind the designated zone and will begin rolling the marble down the board by tilting the board.
3) If a marble falls off of the board at any time, the player must re-use marble or pick up another marble and place it in the start zone before attempting the game again.
4) Only one marble may be on the board at a time.
5) To complete the game, player must get one marble from the start position to one of the 3 end positions at the middle of the ironing board as described above within the 60-second time limit.

(me playing a bit dicey)
Egg Roll
Players Needed:

Things Needed:
Empty Pizza Box
2 Eggs

1.Place eggs on the floor (carpet not recommended) 15 feet from target.2.When the clock starts, player begins fanning eggs without opening the box at any time.3.If the player or pizza box touches the egg, the game is over.4.The player must stop fanning when time expires and the eggs must be touching the target zone.5.To complete the game, both eggs must be touching the target zone at the same time and come to a complete stop on the zone.

These game names and instructions have all been taken from NBC’s A Minute To Win It.

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