Thursday, January 6, 2011


As you know Christmas is over and Valentine's Day isn't here yet so I was looking for away to decorate my breakfast table last week and ran across this great idea/science experiment. I made snowflakes you know since it is winter and all.
What you need to make one big snowflake:
3 - 5" sections of pipe cleaner either in white or a glittery shade
6 - 2" sections of the same pipe cleaner
Container to dangle your snowflake in so it doesn't hit the sides or bottom
Boiling water
Blue food color (optional)

1. Take two 5" section and make a cross and then wrap the next one over them to make a asterisk.
2. Now attach each 2" section to the ends of the asterisk to create the snowflake look.
3. Attach the thread to one end of your snowflake.
4. Make sure your finished snowflake will fit completely in your container without touching the sides.
5. Measure how many cups of water it will hold. For every cup of water you need to put 3 tablespoons of borax in your container. (Example: 4 cups water equals 12 tablespoons borax)
6. Attach the thread from the snowflake to a pencil at the right length so it doesn't touch the bottom.
7. Now boil your water.
8. Pour the boiling water in your container and stir it well with the borax.
9. If using blue food color, add a few drops.
10. Put your snowflake in the water and let it sit overnight.

And ta da you are finished!