Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fishing w/ Family, Part 1

We were going to take my mom fishing Sunday but since my sister was in town we made it a family affair.
If you have read my older post you might be able to figure out that I am not a beach laying out kind of girl, I prefer to work in the yard and sweat that way instead of laying dead and sweating. But when you are out on the boat you have three choices, 1. Fish 2. Layout and get some sun or 3. Watch them fish. So the second option seemed to best fit the situation that day. My sister and I are laying on the back of the boat trying are hardest to not get our ear yanked off by my mom who was fishing for the first time in years (I am talking 20 years).
Me sitting still while we are going to another fishing hole.

Keith, my mom and sister while in route to who knows.

Keith and my mom fishing or should I say Keith fishing and my mom quizzing him about fishing. Just kidding Mom!

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Jennifer said...

We love the lake too... Oooo cant wait for lake season here!