Friday, March 11, 2011

And The Garden Starts

I spotted a bird on the back patio sneaking a peak at me a few weeks ago. It does look like he is trying to see what's going on the house doesn't it?
Two weeks ago I got sweaty and dirty all while planting lettuce seeds, multiplying onions and radishes.
I might have made a mistake of planting the multiplying onions in a raised bed that I plan to use for other things through out the growing season. I made that mistake with some herbs last year and I now I have to get Keith's muscles to get them out roots and all so I can plant them in a container on the patio. Above is radishes and onion's popping out of the soil.

This is the lettuce above, this is the first time it has shown some green so fast.

On the left we have the multiplying onions (I bought them last fall and didn't know if they were any good, I guess they are) and some radishes. I can't wait to eat them and try out a radish salad recipe I just found.

This is the multiplying onions and radishes and a oak tree that is trying to claim this bed. I again needs Keith muscles for this removal.
Have you thought about your garden this year? What might you plant?

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Jennifer said...

Thats great your gettin to plant already. We'll plant all the stuff from last year. We are down sizing the garden, its still gonna be a big one, just smaller amounts on some the veggies.

That cardinal lookin in is too cute :)