Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Different Kind of Gift

With every holiday that involves gift giving, I try to think out of the box. I like to give gifts that are meaningful to the recipient, frugal and homemade if possible. In the next four months, we have five birthday's coming up. I am thinking of giving an actual gift and a homemade sweet treat for that person to savor for at least a week unless they share them all.
My sister-in-law Brandi likes Key Lime Pie so I might make these Key Lime Cupcakes. I will be giving her six that are fresh and ready to eat. Who knows I might give her a dozen. I just found this awesome Mason Jar Frappuccino and Brandi loves coffee in any way, shape or form so I might be giving her a case of mason jars. For my nephew Mason who orders coffee at the Waffle House and eats anything chocolate I will probably make this Mystery Mocha but into cupcakes or make them in mini disposable cake pans.
My brother-in-law Kevin likes it all. I am a little stumped on his sweet treat. I have a couple months but I am thinking these Apple Fritters or these Orange-Marmalade Rolls.

Jamie my niece who is a cute little girl that is growing up to fast. She is such a sweet girl that would love making these Springy Flower Pot Desserts with me. I can see us now lined up in the kitchen getting everything ready and doing each one step by step, then going outside and picking some flowers to top these great treats off. Therefore, for her I will make these with joy and love.

When Keith's birthday rolls around in September, I will be cooking Murphy's Hot Hamburger up for everyone. Keith and I like to have a family birthday dinner at our house so this will be perfect and I am sure if help is needed he would not mind at all.

I know I said five birthday's but I know my mom reads this blog so I will not list her sweet treat.
Do you give out of the box gifts?

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Jennifer said...

Cute ideas... I do gifts like this too.