Friday, November 19, 2010

You Still Have Time To...

Pack a Shoebox for

Operation Christmas Child

(Keith 2008 at the Atlanta processing plant, he is proud of the big firetruck he found in this box)

I have gone to the processing plant in Atlanta and sorted the items in the boxes to take the things out that would stop the boxes in customs so now I know what to put in them and what not to. When I do our boxes they consist of Dollar Tree items mainly. The basic that I have seen in the majority of the boxes when I have worked at the processing plant was:
~Soap (wrapped in a Ziploc bag so everything doesn't smell like soap
~Wash Cloth
~Plastic Toys (no guns, snakes, Pokemon or army men)
~Hair Brush and Plastic Mirror
~PJ Outfit (based on the age group selected)
~Crayons and Coloring Book
~Note Pad and Pencils w/ Pencil Sharpener or Pens
~A Makeup bag or small bag (for them to keep important things in)
~Small Sewing Kit (for the parents)
~Hard Candy (best to put it in a Ziploc bag to keep it from falling all over the place)
~Toothbrush and Toothpaste
~A Letter to the Child and your address and a photo
~Stuffed Animal
~Handkerchief or Scarf (something to help them carry stuff easier)
Things Not To Pack:
~Liquid of Any Kind (toothpaste is okay)
~Soft Candy
~War Themed Items

One thing that I have seen in material that I have received from OCC is photos of the kids mud house and their box right beside the bed or the wrapping paper or picture on the wall. This is for most of the children the only gift they have ever received. We are very lucky to be born in the USA but even more lucky to be able to help the children all over the world.

(us in 2008, boy my hair was short)
In a box done in 2008 we included a letter and photo and they somehow took our photo and added themselves and a different background and sent it to me with a letter. Check it out below. I am now about to cry thinking about this. Neat huh?
What are you waiting for?
Get a shoebox, go to the Dollar Tree, get packing and drop it off at a drop off point by Monday, November 22nd.

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