Monday, November 8, 2010

I am not loosing it!

I am starting this post off with the disclaimer that "I am not loosing it". All the bolts and nuts are in my head and my husband hasn't said anything about my new adventures.
For the past 18 days (started October 22) I have been using the No-Poo method to wash my hair and the Oil-Cleansing method to wash my face. Both are natural, chemical free and frugal.
(Me on the first day)

This has been challenging since I have had to speak at church in front of about 400 people, go out of town and meet with many ladies.

My Oil Cleansing Method Thoughts
My face washing method is going great. I actually am really excited about the time I have spent doing it so far and if I have had a transition time it seems to be very mild or either I haven't hit the hard times yet.

Here are some links that I have found very useful in trying this out... How to Clean your Face Naturally and Who knew going cheap and minimalist could be so good?. Plus all the great comments left on both of those post.

My No-Poo Method Thoughts
So the new hair cleansing method has been fun but what has made the transition workable for me is that I am at home now and the times that I have to go out and about are few. My hair has been heavy feeling and sticky at times but it seems to be getting better. This past weekend we went out of town to Florida and I would just wash it and put it up in a bun and by the end of the day it looked matted down and like I haven't washed it in a few days. But this too shall pass, right? While I have been washing my hair with a mixture of 1 tablespoon baking soda to 1 cup of warm water and I use about half of that mixture each day, I have thought about washing my hair with a egg wash every now and then but haven't done that yet. What has made it neat is I found a blog diary that journals a ladies adventures of no-poo and she started the same day as me.

Here are the links that have inspired me to get started on this...How to Clean Your Hair Without Shampoo, Natural Hair Care: Shampoo Recipe and Natural Homemade Shampoo for $1.30. Plus the great comments that the readers left.

So what crazy, frugal and natural ways are implementing in your life?