Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ohhh, I want these...

I am a lover of warm feet and I can never get my feet warm enough. These Chalet Shearling shoes from Land's End look like they will keep my feet nice and warm and are kinda stylish at the same time.

I am wanting to expand my bake ware to include quality items that will last me a true lifetime and a stoneware cookie sheet is a good place to start. This is a Medium Bar Pan from Pampered Chef.

As you know I have a few chickens of my own and they have helped me cut back at the grocery store so I can't even imagine how they would help a family across the world that eats one meal a day. You can get 2 chickens from World Vision to provide good nutritious, a meal and a income for overseas needy families.
If you are interested in giving a gift in honor of someone, in memory of someone or instead of giving a gift to your family you give it to a family that is truly unable to provide for themselves go to either World Vision's or Operation Christmas Child's 2010 Gift Catalog

Remember up above I said I like my feet WARM, well I still like them warm. These Hearthside Moccasin's from LL Bean have been on my feet for that last two winters and spring and fall because I can't stand to walk in the house without them (no, my floors are not that dirty). I have washed them about four times and they still keep my little toes warm. The inside fur is looking a bit dirty from me going outside with them on but I still wear them. I would take a new pair since the soles are coming off, but since that isn't going to happen I am sticking with my oldies. Sorry for the small picture, just click the link if you want to see them better.
I have so many bread pans, five to be exact because I can never figure out the right size pan that I like. Some of the pans are metal only costing $1.99 from Ikea and some are glass. I just want to get two of the same pans and stop cluttering up my cabinets. Here is a Loaf Pan from Pampered Chef that I know would cover all of my loaf/bread making needs.
The reasons I said that I am not going to get what I want this year is because Keith and I could (if we save enough money) go to Germany next November for five days. So I am asking only for money this Christmas to help save up for the plane ticket, meals and spending money. So I will be getting something it will just come next November.
So what are your item that you wish for this Christmas season?

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littlewifeontheprairie said...

Hi there! I answered your comment on my blog and then decided to visit you! I love your Christmas choices. My MIL just asked my what I wanted from PC and I will definately tell her about the loaf pan! Thanks for the idea. We also are planning to do the World Vision stuff with the kiddos. I love for them to get into giving instead of just getting!