Monday, August 3, 2009

My Garden Today

The garden as a whole!
The cantaloupe, I think there is a total of four.
My tomatoes, the fourth of July type.
An icebox watermelon. Only one is growing.

My sprouts. They are ate up by bugs but I am growing them just because anyways. I gotta get out there and spray them suckers.
Well, when we got back from the beach my lemon cucumber had taken over a whole bed and covered three regular cucumber plants and my sprouts. The regular cucumbers were drying out they were so surrounded. So I pulled up the lemon cucumber and the regular ones.
Then the beefsteak tomato plants had all fallen over so I pulled them up. So not much left growing but hey it is still my little garden.
It is my first year and I have already learned that we don't eat enough tomatoes for five plants. I think I will only plant two next year.


BiscottiQueen said...

Don't waste all those beautiful tomatoes! I planted WAY too many cherry variety tomatoes for even my liking, but I am making tomato sauce and jarring everything! Those gardens have plenty of room to grow and you can keep adding by just canning more stuff to save for the winter. Come winter, you will soooo be craving these fresh veggies and their will be no more to have other then from the freezer or a can.

Ali said...

Let me know if you want me to send over my dogs...they LOVE tomatoes! Strange, I know.