Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting Attacked by Mr. Rooster

We always get the eggs in the evening as they lay all day. But yesterday morning I decided to go check their water and food. I went in all was well and then I decided to take a picture or two and Mr. Rooster did not like that. He started pacing in front of me and digging and pecking really hard at the ground like 2 inches away form my toes. I had flip flops on like I always do and he peck my foot really really hard. It hurt and my foot was feeling weird for a minute. But, Mr Rooster kept on pacing in front of me. Know I was trapped or at least feeling that way. Keith was not home so I was in the coop, nobody to save me or distract the rooster so I could escape. I was feeling a little scared and then something distracted him and he walked about two feet from me I had enough time to take a few steps towards the door and he came running at me. I kicked him but not that hard because other chickens were around and I didn't want to hurt them and then after he got himself back on his two legs he came at me again and I kicked him again and ran out the door. He then attacked the coop door but thankfully I was on the other side.

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