Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aunt Margaret's Table Runner

I gave my mother a much needed break and watched my Aunt Margaret for a few days while my mom went to visit my sister and celebrate her 29th birthday. About a month prior to keeping Margaret I signed up for a table runner class. I had totally forgotten that Margaret was going to be in my company and kinda freaked out. But because the class was only for a table runner I decided that I would incorporate Margaret and take her with me. So the day before the class she and I decided that we would give it to my mom and say that Margaret made it. Well, she did kinda. So after I got off work off to the quilting shop we went to pick out the fabrics. Margaret really did help me. I gave her a few choice for each color scheme and she picked which one we got. Also at the class she handed me strips to so together so the order that the colors are in are all because of sweet Margaret.Margaret and the table runner without the binding.
Me and Margaret doing some last minute sewing that didn't get done in the class.
(Yes those are Christmas ornaments in my china cabinet still. I know they should have been put up months ago.)

Margaret so happy about the table runner she made.

Almost complete, just lacking the binding.

The fabric for a birthday themed one I plan to make.


Cathy said...

How wonderful that you were able to work on this project together. I bet you had fun. She sure looks proud of your efforts!

It looks great!

Grazia said...

Hi Angie,
thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving suche a nice comment...:)
I love your table runner, great colours!