Saturday, August 22, 2009

All About Me Quilts

I am planning on making one of these for everyone in my and my husbands family. This is not something that will be done quickly but will eventually get done. So here are the fabrics that I have picked out for my sister and my Aunt Margaret who you might as well call my sister. I have a questioner that I am going to mail to everyone to get more details about their childhood hobbies and things like favorite food dream vacation and so on. That way I will be able to get the best fabrics to match them. I have a feeling I will not get them all but but I guess if you snooze you loose and that will be the case.
Aunt Margaret's fabrics so far.
Amy's fabrics so far

The pattern I will be following.



Hi Angie! That will be a fun quilt!
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happy sewing! I love that dog fabric. I have some of that too! picked out by my daugther!

Rachel said...

What a lovely idea!

BiscottiQueen said...

Love this pattern... I should have chose that one for the quilt I'm working on now... this one is going to be the death of me! :P