Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some Favorites

 Keith and I have been eating this salad about every other week and sometimes two nights in a row.  It is a bed of spring mix salad blend, chopped tomato, bacon bits, cheese, chopped onion and topped a grilled portabella mushroom.  This mushroom is so good that I almost eat it all while I am chopping it up to go on the salad.  For the dressing we toss everything but the mushroom in this Italian dressing and chow down.  We are eating it tonight minus the mushroom.
 This is my new herb garden at it's finest.  The wheel borrow will be filled always with seasonal flower. and from left to right the herbs are peppermint sage, lemon balm, chocolate mint and spearmint.
 In Chattanooga (where my sister lives) they have this airstream that is a cute little eatery.  It is called Petunia's Silver Jalapeno and the food is GREAT.  I got fish tacos and my sister got a layered BBQ bowl that was topped with a fried cornbread pattie. 
 Us Feaster's (my maiden name) like to travel and when you travel to South Florida a lot you find great restaurants that you scout out and stop at even if it takes an extra 20 minutes.  One of those place for my dad, sister and I is Pollo Tropical.  It has great Caribbean food and the best black beans and rice cooked the way it should.  My dad found out via FB that they were opening one up in North Georgia.  We planned it all out and one Sunday my dad and I meet my sister and ate their.  No trip to Atlanta is complete without a trip to Ikea and Trader Joe's.
Here is us with out great food.  We all had leftovers and I thoroughly enjoyed them the next day.


EllaJac said...

I love your herb garden! Especially the wheelbarrow. Too cute!

Jennifer said...

Salad looks good. Your herb garden is so cute.