Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ant's in the Garden

I went outside Monday morning to prep my vegetable bed for the plantings of lettuce, carrots and radishes (maybe collards too) to find that more than half of it is covered in ants. I came back inside and found this great website , I hope you will find it useful. It has many bug, critter, bird and weed control tips and methods.

I used this recipe:

"Mix three cups of water with one cup sugar and four teaspoons of boric acid (Borax). Pour around a cup of solution into separate jars. Pack the jars with cotton balls to about the halfway point. Seal the lid and poke a few holes at the center." 

It said that Boric Acid AKA Borax:

"is a perfect ant poison. It’s cheap, natural, and much less dangerous (though not harmless) than commercial poisons. Best of all, when mixed correctly, boric acid is a slow ant killer – it allows ants time to bring it back to the nest in sufficient quantities for an ant apocalypse."

I mixed it up and dug through the recycling bin.  I could only find two containers so two is what I did.

My ant killing buddy Curtis laying on an old ant bed.

I dug out two holes and buried the containers.  I wanted it easy for the ants to get to the bait so I tried to make it so they didn't have to climb up the side of the jar.

Look at them exploring this thing that came crashing down on their house.

Circling the lid and going in.

I hope this works, I want to get this bed planted soon as lettuce takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  So hopefully by the end of the week I can add some compost and plant everything.

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