Tuesday, February 1, 2011

25 Things About Me

Saturday I was going through the files and deleting things that I don't need to be hanging on to and I found this document titled '25 Things About Me' it is dated August 2009, so I am not sure how much of this still applies. Anything in a different color writing is how I now feel and oh, I didn't get to number 25.


1. I love to do almost everything outdoors. From reading a book to eating dinner to picking weeds or picking up fallen tree limbs or building a fence. I love the outdoors.
2. I have a Aunt that is mentally challenged. I help my mother on a weekly basis take care of her. I help now on a monthly basis, since I don't get out and about as much.
3. I LOVE to entertain. I wish I could do it every month but everyone would get burned out and I can’t afford it.
4. I have a miniature pot-bellied pig, 6 baby chicks and 2 cats. Any suggestions for the chick names? We no longer have have the pigs :( [more to come later on that] and now we have 3 chickens and 1 cat
5. I have a great, loving husband who has a great family that I am thankful for.
6. I love my Dad and am very thankful to be his daughter.
7. I wish I could be on Dancing with the Stars.
8. I flew to Florence, Italy and back when I was 16 all by myself.
9. I DO NOT like having a one way friend, family or co-worker relationship. If I am bearing with it, it is probably because of my husband or best friend. I do not know why I wrote this...nobody likes having a one way friendship
10. My sisters birthday is the day after mine but with three years in between.
11. I worry way to much about what people feel or think about me. I am feeling more confident in who I am.
12. My fashion is not always up to par because I would rather spend my money on my house and yard.
13. I have to have presents wrapped perfect with matching ribbon. I hate it when people use bags.
14. Listening to Bob & Sheri is something I do 5 days a week for 4 hours a day. I watch GMA, Regis & Kelly and Ellen now.
15. I just started wearing makeup in January and love the way I feel and look. Thanks to those of you who helped out. You know who you are. I don't wear makeup anymore as that only lasted a few months but I do have a skin care regime that I do daily and my skin is healthier than ever so I don't need makeup.
16. I met my husband at a New Year’s Eve party at my best friend Britt & Jennifer’s house. After Keith held my hair out of the sink while I was throwing up he could not refuse me. Recently I was sick and threw up in the bathroom sink by accident and he couldn't unclog it at first because he was so grossed out. So when we meet he must have be in love.

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Christy said...

Cool list! Brandon and I really want to have you and Keith over again soon! Let me know what weekends you have free so we can make a date! :)