Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Couponing: My First Time

This Sunday was the day! The day that I got brave enough to go to the store and buy stuff that would normally not be in my cart, buggie or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods because of the price. You see I buy everything that is store brand. If there isn't a store brand of it I try to make it homemade or buy the most generic product available. I have thought about using coupons in the past but I have always thought how can you buy the name brand item and it really be cheaper than the store brand. I never thought this could happen, but I now know it can.
Here is a picture of my shopping list printed out from Southern Saver's and my coupons that I printed out. The list is for Publix, which I LOVE (it is so clean you can sometimes smell bleach) but it can be pricey for our income. So I don't go there as much as I would like. They have great coupon offers like if the coupon is 50 cents or less they will double it and they always have a TON of B1G1 deals.

This Sunday I needed only four items and two of each.

  • Toilet Paper x 2 - Originally $8.49, On Sale $6.49, With Coupon($.50 doubled x 2) $5.49, Total Due $10.98 for the equivalent of 48 regular rolls
  • Creamer x 2 - Originally $2.00, On Sale $1.25, With Coupon($1.50 x 2) -$0.25, Total Due to Me $0.50
  • Cream Cheese x 2 - Originally $1.59, Not On Sale, Total Due $3.18
  • Gluten Free Crackers x 2 - Originally $3.49, On Sale (B1G1) $2.50, Total Due $5.00

Grand Total with Taxes $19.76

A Savings of $12.48

I forgot to mention that when I was ready to check out, I scouted for the register that was empty and I even checked out the clerks to see if they would be sweet to me as a newbie. When it was my turn, nobody was behind me Hallelujah, I told the Tammy the clerk "Um, this is my first time using coupons and I am very nervous and if for some reason I can't use the coupons, I am sorry but I am not going to be able to get the toilet paper." She said "Oh honey, people come in here all the time with huge stacks of them you will be fine. Let me see what your coupons say." I gave them to her and the whole time all this was going on, inside I felt like I had taken some kind of drug, my heart was racing and I was very nervous. As you can see above the coupons worked. I told Tammy "Now I can get 5 items next time with coupons", you know trying to work my way up and build my confidence and she nicely said "You did good, go ahead and get all your grocery's next time".

So go check out Southern Savers and all the coupon websites. This is So So worth it! If you stay at home like me it is away to help out and as a friend says that it is his wife's "Part Time Job". Southern Savers will explain it all to you and they even do workshops, maybe there is one in your area. If the grocery stores in your area are not ones that she shares about you can still learn the concept.

Go get busy and tell me about your great savings!!!!!!!!

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