Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Greens Party

This past Saturday was a busy day full of three parties to go to. The first was a Greens Party that is hosted by my mom's friend Marie. This is her 10th year doing this and it is just awesome. It started after the death of her son, her sister had come to visit and make sure she was doing okay. They decided one day to get out of the house and explore the woods around her home and collect greens to make decorations to put out at Christmas and then the next year she made a party out of it and invited everyone she knew and the rest of the story is well fresh greenery at Christmas time for anyone that comes.
She always host this party the first Saturday of December from 10am to 2pm. She provides containers, ribbons, floral foam, about six different types of fresh greenery, hot apple cider, hot chocolate, different soups at lunch time, a few outdoor fires to keep your hands from freezing while you work and most important a helping hand to help anyone that needs a little push.
You can bring your own container, wreath frame or use hers.

Below is my friend Lyndsey that came with me this year and Marie helping out with using different colored berries.

Lyndsey and the final product...

Because I am so brave I made the same thing I have in the past. A centerpiece for my IKEA table (circa September 2010).

Right after the Greens party I zoomed home to park, jump out of my car and jump in Keith's truck to go to a birthday party for a sweet little three year old, then we went to Wal-Mart and Target trying to kill two hours for the next party which was the Auburn/South Carolina SEC Championship Game. I hope your Saturday was great! This Saturday I HOPE to be able to read and/or crochet until the evening.

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