Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fire Starters

Do you dry your clothes in the dryer, burn candles and use toilet paper? Then this is the best way to reduce your waste and keep warm at the same time.
It all started when I read this post on Heavenly Homemaker about stocking stuffer. Then I read the comments and then I did some googling. The post stated that Laura makes egg carton fire starters for her friends stocking. Then in the comments someone mentioned using toilet paper rolls, dryer lint and left over candle wax to make fire starters. I googled and googled some more and ran across these web sites "The Guide Zone: Fire Starters" and "Fundamentals of Camping: Fire Starters for your Campfire". Between my three sources of direction it seemed easy so I saved a few toilet paper rolls and melted some almost gone candles and thus the project began.
My only problem was that some suggested to stuff the dryer lint tightly in the toilet paper roll and some said to stuff it loosely in the toilet paper roll. So I am going to test the to different methods Thursday and Friday mornings when I build my daily fire.

With a kitty cat that loves to watch the fire burn and my cold little toes why not find a way to make getting the fire started easier.

I will be back Friday to tell you which way worked best and if there was even a difference.

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momof2 said...

That is great! I will have to try that. I never knew dryer lint was so flammable.