Saturday, July 24, 2010

Power Outage

Last Sunday our power was out for over 2 hours. Read what I typed up about that power outage...

"What was I to do?
- I had slept pretty much all day (It was around 5:30pm)
- I finally was awake with some energy and wanted to cook a few things for the week (bread, biscuits and hamburger buns)
- The power was out and it was raining cats and dogs

I watched a squirrel and blue bird sit so perfectly on the clothes line and bird house in the rain...

Watched as a goldfinch flew from this bird feeder.

Do you see the yellow line just above the hook?? That is him flying to the feeder in the next picture.

and he landed safely to eat more food.

I sorted all the laundry so that I would be ready on a day where the power was working and the sun was shining. I would like to say a couple of things before mentioning the next thing I did... Yes, this is laundry for TWO people and I DID was clothes this past Monday we just really need to clean out and go through the things we truly don't need.
I swept the bathrooms and then proceeded to mop with equal parts hot water (thankful for not having a tank less water heater) and vinegar. I blew out all the candles and the smoke gave me a quick headache so I sat on our small front stoop and left the door open to let it air out, then I played bejeweled on my iPod and thought how I should be reading one of my many books I have started and I turned around to see if it smelled still and ta da the power was back on.
So I am still playing bejeweled and thinking of what to cook."
So what do you do when the power goes out at your house? Do you play cards, read a book, clean house like me or just take a quick nap?

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