Friday, July 2, 2010

My desk on my very last day was...

Covered in coupons!
It was a sad and short (I only worked 3 hours) day. But coming in 2 days in a row, knowing a select few took time out of their day when they are way behind to make my last days special really meant so much to me.

So much that as I am writing this, thinking about the words to type I am tearing up.

I was placed with this company at a time that I was not very close to God like I am now and looking back at all the things that he put in my pathway, I took I know now that me transferring to the department that I was last in was such a God thing. I met great Christian ladies (Robin, Phyllis and Valerie) and just great women that I share interest with and that I didn't just share a job with.
Thank you guys if you are reading this for helping me discover God's purpose in my life as a wife, friend and church member.

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BiscottiQueen said...

Well I hope you left smiling from that job! I do think that is TOO funny!!!