Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have some questions today for my few readers, I will start off by saying that living life organized is more demanding than a full time job at first and then when you get it figured out I hope that it slows down and is less demanding.
( My dad and I at my wedding rehearsal 5 years ago. )

You make a plan and then follow that plan through to only find that something went wrong. It is either to hard, to time consuming or nobody likes the outcome.
( Homemade onion rings and hamburger buns we made a few months back. )
So how is your family's schedule figured out? On paper or a computer calender? Do you ever overbook yourself? How do you mange what you will eat? Is it planned out ahead of time or is it decided an hour before dinner time?

( Me after a job interview a few months back at my dad's office. )

How do you juggle the job you are called to do at home and the job that you are called to do at your place of work?

A lot of questions that I wonder if there is a easier way than the way I am doing life.
Thanks for your time!!!

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