Monday, July 26, 2010

Date Night

A few Thursday's ago for some reason I wanted a STEAK.
So I called our local butcher shop (I have known the owner since I was itty bitty and was friends with his son in high school) and ordered two 1 inch ribeye steaks. Yes, this was a little bit more than I wanted to spend but way cheaper than us going out to eat. They gave us free baked potatoes and the piggy in me picked the biggest ones. Then after I left Burt's Butcher Shop I went by Publix and picked up some asparagus, mushrooms and the dressing's for a hefty baked potato.
I called Keith and told him the plans for Friday night (so the steaks could marinate a good day) and that was the plan.
On Friday as it came closer to getting ready for dinner we wanted to go out on the boat. So I said that we could take pb&j sandwiches Friday night and we could have the steaks Saturday. He said let's make Friday night 'Date Night' and eat at a restaurant on the river and Saturday night 'Romantic Night' so that was the plan.
Here are the pictures from Date Night...I am so glad this wasn't suppose to be Romantic Night.
After we put the boat in and was heading to the restaurant we spotted a rainbow.

I think this might be a better view of the rainbow. Then we stopped by a friends cabin and chatted with him for a bit and docked the boat and had dinner.

This was the sky just after we got back in the boat and realized that we needed to get back to the loading ramp and go home. Since we live only about 3 minutes from where we put the boat in we knew if it was storming on the water it could very well be storming at home.

Keith was trying to get us back fast and upright. At this point the water in Lake Harding was white capping. It felt like it was raining but it was just the water blowing all around.

And finally a picture of the sky right before Keith loaded the boat up.
"For you are my lamp, O Lord,and my God lightens my darkness." 2 Samuel 22:29
We made it home all dry and was able to cover the boat and get inside dry. It ended up raining that night but it was after we were in bed. I am so glad we made it safely.
Saturday night was AWESOME, I love a good steak and could eat it every week if it was more affordable and healthier.
With the ribeye we also had sauteed mushroom and onions, asparagus, baked potatoes with cheese, bacon, sour cream and butter plus bread and olive oil.
Yummy, my mouth is watering now just thinking about it.


Denise :) said...

Sounds like a fun date night! I loved that last photo, with the stark white cross backed by the cloud-darkened sky! :)

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