Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Fun

During the month of December we had some fun stuff going on.
At my work we played this game called Skinny Santa. If you click on the picture you can see Santa better but he is pretty much just like Gumby but a Santa. My supervisor and boss would hide him everyday and who ever found him got a five dollar gift card and then on the 2nd to last day the gift card was ten dollars and the last day it was twenty dollars. This was so much fun. If you are a boss or supervisor and you want something fun to boost morale or let the stressful mind rest this is the game to play. Of course it doesn't have to be a Santa, it could be a rubber mouse or baseball hat.
I am not trying to brag but I will say that I won 2 five dollar gift card and the twenty dollar gift card. I found him 3 other times but they cut me off after the 2 cards so I quietly helped others find him.
Well, yes you are reading the sign below correctly. Someone STOLE our reindeer. One Sunday I had to go out in the rain to take them out of the "not so nice to your children's eyes" position that they were in and then Wednesday when I got home they were gone. We made the sign and ran out of room to write more. But I guess we got the point out. Here is a picture of the reindeer in the back of Keith's truck all lite up last year.

Last summer, the state of Georgia was in a huge drought. It was really bad, in the city of Atlanta they could only take a shower ever other day. Our Governor Sonny Purdue declared a national day of prayer for rain and God has blessed us this year that's for sure. Here is pasture that is about 3 acres that we pass everyday going into town. These poor cows have hardly no place to stand or lay. This pasture has looked like this about 5 times since August. We have truly been blessed and are out of a drought.

Our rainfall as of last week is 30 inches above the highest it has ever been since they have been keeping record.

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