Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 New Year Resolutions

So for the past couple of years I have blogged my resolutions. But I am not sure that I ever stated the results. So here they are for the past years.


1. Lose 15 – 20 pounds by my birthday (August 10th)

2. See grandparents at least twice a month
3. Don’t eat junk food
4. Write more letters instead of email
5. Say my prayers before bedtime
6. Recycle more
7. Be cautious of how I treat people
8. Give complements, don’t be afraid to say them
1. Make and complete a quilt
2. Don’t call out sick unless it is bad enough to go see a doctor
3. Matain weight loss
4. Take lunch 3 days a week and eat it
5. Grow a successful garden
6. Try to find the positive in things before the negative

I think I am doing pretty good.

So here are 2010’s…

1. Volunteer monthly at a shelter
2. Exercise weekly
3. Make five quilts for Mountain Baby Blankets
4. Increase my pillow
5. Make successful ‘Black Gold’
6. Take vitamins daily
7. Can four different recipes
So what are yours???


BiscottiQueen said...

Oh wow... you are making me think now! You had a ton of resolutions each year. I also try to make just 1 achievable one. Like 2009, I quit smoking. 2008 I got my family out of the ghetto neighborhood we were living in to save money and bought a home as you see. :) This year I vow to stick with my gym routine I started in 2009 and add another day per week to go. My mission is to lose between 10-15 lbs in 2010 where it is manageable to keep it off!

Good luck on yours Angie! I bet you will at least be 75% successful on yours.

Rachel said...

Good job!!!

And I, for one, LOVE your 2010 resolutions! :)