Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Learned Something about Seams

I never knew this and sure wish I had. I would have saved days, probably a week surfing the web and youtube trying to find out how to fix my problem.
Here is the problem: I took two pieces of fabric and faced them right sides together sewed all the way around them except for enough room to turn it right side out. Then I trimed the corners and turned it right side out. I needed it to be flat so I ironed it. But I keep having this no where near perfect flat seam/edge. Yes, you are seeing money fabric. These are gifts for my co-workers.So I emailed Amy and she helped a little but then last night again searching the web for hours, I found this article and read this "The Point Presser side is designed so seam allowances that will eventually be encased and pressed together – like those on collars, cuffs, pockets, waistbands, facings and more – can first be pressed open and flat so there’s no need to struggle aligning the edges when turned." Ta Da that means I am suppose to press open the seams before turning it right side out. Then when I try to iron it flat it will be flat. It worked like a charm. The only down side was that it was 8:45pm at night and I am trying to get in bed by 9:00pm so I well be nice and rested at 4:45am when the alarm goes off.
So Dad if you are reading this a Point Presser is on my gift list for 2010.

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