Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Veg-Table Garden Today...

Everything is really starting to grow quite nicely. The carrots in this bed will be harvested towards the end of this week. I can't wait! I hope that they are actual carrots and not long toothpick size roots. But this gardening thing is a learning experience and they might not turn out right but if so that means I will get to research why and learn more information.
This is my lettuce and last batch of radishes. When I harvest the carrots I will also take up the back half of the lettuce and plant some melons. The front half of the lettuce I am taking the outer lettuce leaves as needed and it is still producing leaves so yeah!!!
My tomatoes are getting so tall. I can already taste a fresh tomato slice with a tad bit of salt. Yummy :) The potatoes are getting huge. You are suppose to cover them as they grow to increase your crop. I ran out of the same soil I used in the bed and had to use bagged soil and I have ran out of that also, so they are getting really big.

Here is all three beds together. I hope to next year add a forth (Daddy I will need some more wood, please) that way I can plant more types of potatoes and some bell peppers.
This is the flower from one of my pumpkin plants.
I would have to say and I have also read a lot of different places that Gardening and Chickens are the cheapest therapy bill. When I get stressed, bored or mad I will go sit and watch the chickens or pick some weeds.

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Rachel said...

I am so stinking jealous!!!

I want a box garden so much. :(