Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finally Done

After 2 months and 2 calls to our power company about them dumping a load of mulch from cutting limbs off the power lines I was mad. We found out that a neighboring county has free mulch for the public if you load it up yourself. So that is what we did and made two trips. It was back breaking work and it didn't cover as much as we thought it should. Here is Keith loading mulch on the trailer after filing the truck bed. Then the other day I was looking through my notepad that I keep in my purse and passed the page where I made notes on when I called our power company. So of course I was mad because a house down the road got a huge load and I see the trucks at the gas station pretty much every day on my way home from work. So I knew that they were close by so why wasn't I getting any mulch. So I called again and left a not so nice message and about 3 days later someone knocked on the door and said to Keith "Your wife called and wanted some mulch, where would you like it?"! That is what I thought!!!! The funny thing is we used it all but about a quarter of it.
Then the next day Keith called me at work and said that they dropped another load off. The picture above is Keith standing by the second load.

We cut some cedars a couple weeks ago to act as a barrier between our front yard and our garden/hammock/firewood/chicken part of the yard. We wanted the mulch to cover that area. This is it finished finally.

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