Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seed Starting

In my attempt to respond to all emails that need it and to clean out my folders and favorites I have spent the morning going through web site after web site. But good things came from this, I have no emails that need responding to, I learned another way to start seeds and test their germination at the same time and I found tons of inspirational garden pictures (to come at a later time). I found this neat blog called DigginFood they have this neat video about testing the seeds that you have saved from years past so you don't have to buy any and spend money. So here are my seeds that I have started today. I have my seed catalogued by a letter and a number. The letter will either be a V for vegetable, H for herb or a F for flower, then it is followed by a number. The code is written on the outside of each baggie that the seeds are in. I store them in a gift card tin in the fridge. I can just go to my spreadsheet and look for the code for lets say 'ez serve lettuce' and then go to the tins and dig until I find the packet with that code. So when I started the seeds today I just used the same code to make it easier to write down the germination rate.

My little garden Saturday morning. The first and maybe last snow of 2010 for Hamilton, Georgia.
Some really cool plant markers. Check them out here.

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