Sunday, February 7, 2010

Maw Maw's 80th Birthday

Keith's Maw Maw will be 80 on the 16th and we are having a huge party. As of last night we have received 78 rsvp's. I was asked to make some kind of banner to help celebrate her birthday. I got to thinking about what kind of banner to make and I just didn't want it to be a sheet of paper with something painted on it, that would get balled up and thrown away after the party so here is what I came up with. First, she has 2 children and 4 grandchildren and also a dinning room table that seats 6 with that said I am making 6 place mats for each child and grandchild's family and in the middle we are going to write something to her. Since they are place mats she can take them home after the party and use them on her table and cherish the kind words. I plan to hang the place mats around the banner. The banner part will come later this week as I am still working on it. But, here are some pictures of the place mats. The back is a floral print that I just LOVE.
Here is a close up of the back.
A corner of one of the place mats.
And Ta Da 1 of the 2 place mats that will be mailed off tomorrow to 2 cousins that will fly in Friday for the big party.
I would like to do a tutorial for this so stay tuned.

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Jennifer said...

Very Good Idea! She will love them.