Saturday, November 21, 2009

Terri's Baby Quilt

A little bit about Terri. She and I met when I stated at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia. She is of a age that could be my mother. She is very very religious and trust the Lord 100 percent. Another thing that I love about Terri is that she is very crafty like me. She crochets a little, sews a little and likes making jeans into skirts. She was not blessed with the love of her life to settle down with and start a family and always dreamed of being a Mommy. Terri was approached about adopting an acquaintances unborn baby. This was something that she had hoped, prayed, dreamed and again prayed about and it was coming true. So I felt that a quilt for her and her new baby boy was the right thing for her. And also since I was so so new to quilting that I had that quilting fever. It is not perfect by no means but to Terri and the look on her face and the tears that wailed up in her eyes that means everything.

Terri and Nathanael are doing great. Sacrifices have been made but he is very healthy and a blessed baby. I haven't got a chance to see him but am hoping to do that soon.
P.S. I can't believe that for my company if you are adopting you can take maternity leave but it is unpaid. No FMLA, STD or LTD just PTO.

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