Monday, June 27, 2011


If you haven't noticed from past blog post of trips to my sister's she LOVES to spoil us when we go visit. For this May trip we milked goats, flew over the city of Chattanooga, took a duck tour, went to a Lookout's baseball game and ate way to much food.

Here are the pictures of our flying trip.

This is the Tennessee River in Downtown Chattanooga. Chattanooga has three bridges that cross over the river and one has been turned into a 1 mile pedestrian walking bridge. The island in the middle is now a bird refugee.

This is the Chattanooga Lookout's stadium and on the right of the highway the building that is kinda the shape of an asterisk is the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee building. The grassy area around the bridge is host to weekly concerts and a week long festival known as River Bend. Last year (2010) Amy, Keith and I got to see Cheryl Crowe and Alison Krauss.
I love to fly but am not a huge fan of small planes. So when we were getting ready to take off and I looked at the handbook in front of me and noticed that this plane was a 1978 model my stomach took a little nose dive. My sister has flown many times with David (her pilot friend) so I was not at all worried about him doing his best at showing us around I was just a little worried about the plane acting up.
My sister and I ready for take off!
Keith, quietly watching David go through his safety checklist before we leave the run way.

Ladies and Gentleman, we have landed you may now un-buckle your seat belt. I hope you have enjoyed your flight!