Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Quilts So Far...

I love this picture of me twirling this quilt around. I had Keith do a photo shoot of me in the yard.
This baby quilt below I made for a dear friend of my sister's. She had a sweet baby girl in January.
This is a baby quilt for my sister's high school friends Michele and Mitch. They will be having a baby in August (hopefully on mine or my sister's birthday).
This is one that I made for Keith's co-worker Will and Mallory as a wedding gift. This quilt repesent spring and summer to me, I just love the colors and how bright they are.
I packaged it up in a picnic basket with plates, cups and plasticware so all they will need is food for the perfect picnic.
Now...if I could only get 4 baby quilts done by yesterday and finish the one for my sister that I started last year and the one for Chuck that I started last year and the one for Keith and I that is in my brain but the fabric is in my sewing room I would be in good shape.


Christy said...

Love the quilts Angie! Looks like you and Keith have been staying busy with lot of fun festivities lately! :)

Fred Feaster said...

My talented daughter at work and play. They look great. Start saving forest/tree/sailboat swatches for my lap quilt - won't need it for another 20 yrs - so you have plenty of time.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful Quilts. I'm use the people you make em for will love em.