Monday, October 4, 2010

Cutting Back

Because we are striving to be a greener and frugal minded family and with the added fact that I am currently not working, Keith and I are finding ways to cut back. These are all small things that we are changing but none the less they are changes that WILL make a difference.

Here are some thing that we are changing:

The windows are being opened every morning and every night.

We have a lot of new bushes that we have planted that we are still nursing and we are using the water from rain barrels to water them.

Who needs flavored liquid creamer? We don't and are now using the dairy free powered coffee creamer which is a big price cut for us.
We are no longer using plastic throw away shower curtain liners that last a month or two before the holes tear apart. We just switched to 100% polyester shower curtain liner.

And I deleted to picture by accident but we are also now using a reusable coffee filter. This is great and it is not only going to help at the grocery store now but in the years to come also.

What ways are you cutting back?

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Jennifer said...

We have a rain barrel we use, hang out clothes on nice days, compost bin, try to find other uses for things we would throw away.