Sunday, September 26, 2010


My in-laws have a pear tree and my pig loves them. Everyday, if I turn my back I have to lure her back to our property because she eats the ones on the ground. With all the branches almost touching the ground due to so many pears I decided I would try to do something with what Keith and I could reach.
The other morning we went and got a basket full and while I am out of jelly jars so pear butter or jam is out of the picture I tried to find something else to make. I came across a breakfast cookie but it only called for 2 pears and I have about 14. For now they are sitting nice and pretty on my counter until I come up with something else. I have thought of maybe washing, coring and slicing them to freeze for smoothies or a pear cobbler in the future.
What do you say I do with them?

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Jennifer said...

They are pretty... I'd go buy some more jars and make pear jam :)