Friday, June 18, 2010

The Veg-Table's

Shannon did a post about her plantings of onions and garlic and I figured I would do the same. I talked about it in this post titled 'Yesterday's Piddlings and This Weekends Fun' and this post also. This is what I harvested Wednesday, Holy Cow was my thought when I had to put them down because my arms could not hold anymore.
These are my banana peppers

and some okra that I planted just for my sister. I sure hope it ships well!

These are one of my bell pepper plants. They were so cute when they were the size of a golf ball, I wanted to just stare at their cuteness.

Lastly, my first sightings of summer squash.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful... Enjoy all your veggies girl!

Anonymous said...

Love the garden! It all looks yummy!!

Love ya! Hollie