Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mr. Rooster is GONE

Mr. Rooster all ready to go. (yes the container is a bit small for him, but the person who gets him, takes it with them and this was all we had to spare)
My dads roosters and ours ready for the ride to the auction.
Another view of them.

About three weeks ago Keith went in the chicken coop you know to fill their water up, feed them and gather the eggs and once again Mr. Rooster attacked.
Not only did he try to be the boss but he jumped up on Keith's chest and put his spurs on him. Luckily for the rooster my dad, sister and I were going to a farm auction that Friday and had planned on taking him to sale. So Keith bit his tongue and didn't harm him.
We got a whopping $5 for him!!!

Do you have a mean rooster or animal?

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

We have 3 mean roosters... 1 is a bantam rooster so I can deal with him floggin me (I just wear my boots in his run) then we have 2 BO roosters that love to flog, To The Stew Pot They Are Going............