Monday, May 3, 2010

Yard Work

Who doesn't love this fountain? I am going to rewind just a little...
In 2008 we added this flower bed and at the time it was great and was such a needed thing.

Now that we have less time together due to work, work, church, bible studies and dates with friends Keith and I need our time to be OUR time. Since I love being outdoors we needed a little bit more privacy so we are expanding the above flowerbed to the below outlined flower bed.

This new flower bed will be big enough to put some plants that will grow 6 feet and the beautiful fountain above so dinner on the patio, talking by the outdoor fireplace or just coffee small table will be enjoyed by Keith and I or our company.

I also hope to plant some herbs close to the patio in this bed for easy picking.
Do you have and tall growing bushes that don't get all to wide???

1 comment:

Tara said...

Maybe try some pampas grass? It would provide some nice screening. I got my clothes pins and wrinkle releaser yesterday! Thank you so much! It was a very fun package to receive!