Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Veg-Table Garden Today

This year I am doing the square foot gardening method. I purchased the book months ago and have spent countless nights laying in bed reading up on why this method works.Check Spelling One evening while I was planting lettuce, radish and celery seeds my father-in-law asked "When are you going to plant a real garden?"

My friends, supporters and blog followers I am here to say this is the most real garden that has been planted by his children if you are looking at the variety and number of different vegetables.

But I am sure he was talking about the method which should not matter as long as it works and produces which for me so far it does.

I have even planted so many items that the planters originally for flower are now home to potatoes.

And last but not least we have some topsy turvey tomato planters 'Alford's Style' waiting to get hung up side down.
The lay out and types of vegetables will come this week sometime.


Jennifer said...

Any garden planted is a real garden, lol. I think its great that you are plantin a garden. I believe everyone that can should, it fun to watch your garden grow and great when you get to harvest :)

momof2 said...

Angie, you did great! I can barely keep flowers growing in the flower boxes!