Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bee/Quilt Club Blocks

In October for the Bee Balm club I am in we made 3 Spanish tiles for Shelly in yellow, blue and red and then for the September's $5 Quilt club I finally finished the block. Now I just gotta go get the one for October and have it finished by the 2nd weekend in November. I am almost done with my commitments except for Jane's Disappearing Nine Patch.


Michele said...

So I'm looking at the picture - the "X" blocks caught my attention first - and I took the whole thing in. Meaning I thought the whole thing was the block...and I was thinking how unusual it was, in a sort of country retro way, also incorporating the plaids and the off center setting. I really liked it.

Then I read your explanation and realized it was two different projects on a plaid cushion.

Sometimes, late at night, I just crack myself up.

So, ooc, how did you make the X blocks? They look familiar.

Best regards,
mtsny0 at aol

BiscottiQueen said...

See that looks so complicated, and I'm not very good with those blocks yet. Yours of course, looks fab.