Friday, June 12, 2009

The Quilt Is Almost Done

I am so excited; my first quilt is almost done.
Last night after cutting the fabric for the sashing and stones I laid out all the squares, stones and sashing to figure out how I wanted the squares laid out. I just love it and am proud of my color choices but it could not look this good without the help of Lain Stowe at Sew Much Fun.

I like the layout a lot and didn’t want to mix it up so I would pick up a square and a piece of sashing and sew those together and then come back to the living room and get the next and so on. I was on my last row of squares and when I walked back into the living room my cat was sitting in the spot where the square I was just sewing was suppose to be.

Then I took two squares to sew together and went back to get the third and she was sitting in both squares spot. This happened over the course of an hour as I was easily side tracked last night. But it was so funny and very cute that she knew not to get on the fabric. I guess she learned that she was not suppose to be on the fabric by watching me use the lint roller the other night to get her hair of my squares. I love my kitty cat.

I have one square that is a Snail’s Trail and it should measure 12” x 12”. Let’s just say that every side is not straight and is wavy almost. The seams should be ¼ “and a lot of times you could fix the problem by just making the seam smaller or bigger. But this squares is so uneven that I should have remade it but I didn’t have enough fabric and I went to Joanne’s yesterday and didn’t notice the pattern so I some how managed to make it look okay. I can’t wait to see how that one deformed square affects the whole quilt. This is my first quilt so I can’t beat myself up to bad I guess.

I took the fabric today to have my label made so I can complete the back and take it to Sew Much Fun for the quilting process. I can’t wait to post the completed quilt pictures. Check back you never know when it will be done.

Happy Quilting!!!

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