Friday, June 12, 2009

My Garden This Week

We went to the beach for 4 days and I came home to 3 cucumbers. As of today they are about 3 inches long. Yippee!! My lemon cucumber plant has 20+ flowers and it is growing taller each day but no cucumbers yet. It is triple the size of my regular cucumber plants.

I think that 2 of my tomato plants are infected. They looked a little shriveled before we left but since we have returned some of the leaves have brown spots on them but this is what I don’t understand is that when we left there was no tomatoes now it has golf ball sized tomatoes. So I am wondering if I should pull it out before it spreads or keep it to get more tomatoes. I guess I got to do some research to see what the problem is.

My red potatoes have flowered and now I am just waiting on them to die back so I can harvest them about 2 weeks after that happens. These potatoes are called Red Cloud and have red insides. So get ready for red mashed potatoes or potato salad.

The lettuce is ready to be picked for a final time and the radishes and carrots are done as well. In their place I have and will be planting watermelon and cantaloupes. The lettuce was very good and handy when I only needed a small amount like for taco’s or a quick sandwich. It will defiantly be planted this fall and in the future. I would say that I planted too much lettuce for our family and next year will scale it down. That way I will have more room for the things I can preserve like cucumbers and tomatoes. Well, as in other post my carrots and radishes didn’t do GREAT so nothing to brag on.

My pumpkins seem to be doing good. I have two vines growing and have had a lot of flowers over the past month and last night I noticed new leaves growing. I am not sure what is going on as you know I am new to this but I am just going to sit back and see if I get pumpkins.

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BiscottiQueen said...

I don't know if you got my comment about the cucumbers... it looks like your blight is spreading some?! It must be in the soil you are using. My suggestions were to mulch your beds, and spray with the antifungal spray I have listed on my blog. So far so good here... just took a little while to get my plants to respond. I did have to remove another one... but I hope its the last plant I need to burn.