Saturday, October 25, 2008


We went to visit my sister in Chattanooga and decided to go hangliding. I know it is scary sounding but it was really cool. The place we went to is the largest hangliding resort in the USA. We went to a big field and met with our pilot and we were the co-pilot’s. They suited is up in this funky looking harness and they clipped us on to the glider. The glider is attached to a ultra light plane that is a single person plane and as Keith says it sound like a weed eater. This plane pulls us off the ground until we reach our flying altitude of 2000 feet. Then we disconnected the rope that attached us to the plane and we were free like a bird flying. They showed us how to make it go in any direction and then we could fly it if we wanted to. It was very neat and scary at first for me but I would do it again. Keith went up higher than 2000 feet if you look at the pictures we look very high up but that is less than a mile and if you think about it in comparison to a mile it doesn’t seem far. This is an experience that I recommend to anybody. There was three pilots and they each do about 40 flights a day and they are still living so it is not very dangerous.

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