Saturday, October 25, 2008


Every year since Keith and I have been married we have fixed our house up some sort of way. I know it is brand new what should there be needed to fix. I guess you could say that we have been fixing up the yard. We moved in November of 2005 and in August of 2006 we had our driveway asphalted and then in August of 2007 we built the fence and fixed the front right corner of the property up and then this year again in August we had 12 pallets of grass delivered. Good friends Caleb, Cary, Britt, Jennifer and there boys came over and helped. We had 11 ½ pallets laid in 3 hours. I know how was that possible? I am not sure but I would say we were hard workers that night. With those 12 pallets just added that makes a grand total of 37 pallets of centipede grass laid in our yard so far.

Caleb, Cary, Savannah, Britt, Jennifer, Sloan, Sutton and Cason
You Rock !!!

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